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Immigration Interview

After an immigration or non immigrant visa interview has been scheduled, it is important to prepare in advance for some of the questions they interviewer might ask and how to best answer them to provide the ost important information that are relevant to the decision to grant the immigration status or visa. Find more information her eon how to prepare for the immigration, asylum and visa interview and when to speak to an immigration attorney for guidance.

Immigration Methods

Preparing for a Visa Interview

Here, there are guidelines outlined to serve as a template for a US visa interview. The article holds information concerning eligibility for an interview waiver, the process of application, what and what not to do during a student visa application, the necessary documents, possible interview questions and answers and general interview tips. Also, therein are the importance of seeking the service of an immigration attorney.

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Immigration Types

Preparing for an Asylum Interview

This article provides useful information on the asylum interview process. It contains useful tips for preparing for an interview as well as the steps to take when an application is denied. This article distinguishes the types of asylum processes in the US and explains the features of each type. It emphasises the importance of an asylum attorney and supplies information on how to contact them.

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About Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative

Preparing for a Citizenship Interview

Here, find information and a guide to preparing for an immigration interview. Having lived in the US as a Legal Permanent Resident and now considering the next step of becoming a US citizen, getting all the information necessary and preparing in advance can ease the stress of the interview process and help applicants communicate efficiently during the interview. Know when to speak with your immigration lawyer, how they can prepare you for important questions that might come up, and how to answer them clearly and honestly.

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